2005_12_jackienose.jpgIt's the day after Christmas, which also means it's a federal holiday, with government offices and schools and the like closed. Which also means it's kind of a slow news day in the area. The Daily News has decided to take the time to announce the new head of the Gambino crime family, Jackie D'Amico, aka Jackie Nose. With the Gotti sons supposedly out of the picture, D'Amico is the new acting head according to the feds. But he, naturally, claims he isn't and doesn't want his Upper East Side neighbors to think he's a mob guy, telling the DN, "I'm insignificant, I'm not important. I take the 4 train, the 5 train, the 6 train. That's the only way I travel. I don't have a chauffeur-driven car." Uh, Mayor Bloomberg takes the subway too, and he's not insignificant. But D'Amico does tell people to go after the real people ruining America - Bush and Cheney! Heh! Anyway, right now, we're in a period when there is talk about the mob's demise and lack of power...time will tell if it rises again.

And the NY Post's cover story is about the two Jersey City police officers who plunged into the Hackensack River; a drawbridge was raised as other officers were investigating a drunken driving incident. One officer was found, but police won't say if he was dead or alive.