The polls are open and it's time for you to cast your votes for the various races. Find your voting place here or call 311; report concerns about voting fraud to 1-866-VOTE NYC. Here's the Guide for the Last Minute Voter from Gotham Gazette.

Pollsters are expecting a "fairly robust turnout" for the midterms. There are much more heated big elections in NJ and Connecticut, as the unexpectedly big race in NY is the State Comptroller race. (Democrats are expected to sweep in NY State, though.) This may be the last year for the old voting machines in NY, and here's a funny picture of Andrew Cuomo laying a wet one on Hillary Clinton's cheek. Oh, and William Wachtel wonders why Tuesday is Election Day in the Daily News.

We'll update with results and other Election Day factoids later today. If you're voting later today and are curious about endorsements from the papers, here they are from the NY Times and NY Sun, Daily News, and Newsday. (We can't find an endorsement recap from the Post, but they endorsed Eliot Spitzer, Hillary Clinton, Chris Callaghan for Comptroller, Andrew Cuomo for Attorney General - and here are the Congressional endorsements.)