Unhappy over the Mayor's gun dealer stings last May, one Georgia gun dealer has decided to sue Mayor Mike for $400 million. Adventure Outdoors, a gun dealer in Smyrna, Georgia (best known as Julia Roberts' hometown), claims the mayor's sting was "careless, willful and clearly illegal." Former Georgia congressman Bob Barr filed the suit, which also claims that the Mayor "made defamatory comments about the store and that undercover investigators used false information to buy firearms." The AP says that during the press conference announcing the suit, supporters "cheered" and "danced", complete with flags. We're shocked people weren't dressed as the Constitution!

Mayor Bloomberg told reporters, "I'm just thrilled they mentioned my name. I hope they got the spelling right. We're on the right side of this, and I think we have a responsibility to uphold the laws. And a publicity stunt like that is not going to overshadow the fact that a small number of reckless gun dealers are selling guns that are [used] in crimes, and we have young men and women dying here."