The Village Voice's Tom Robbins looked at the city's impending announcement of an outdoor agency to handle all the advertising that goes on "3,300 bus shelters, some 330 newsstands, and 20 public toilets" - a $1 billion deal. One article looks at the politics behind the bidding, with French firm Decaux the frontrunner (it donated money to the NYC 2012 bid!). The second article hit closer to home, because it bemoans the slow saturation of outdoor advertising all over. Think Houston Street and Broadway/Lafayette: Gothamist has to agree that it's slowly becoming a Times Square South, with many huge billboards...that big PSP model...the Adidas ads...all the alcoholic beverage we're supposed to like 'cause we're downtown. Once upon a time, we'd be able to concentrate on seeing the rooftop watertanks, but now we're distracted by David Beckham (perhaps not unhappily distracted, but still).

However, Gothamist is in favor of billboards with pandas on them. Unfortunately, the Threadless billboard has been replaced by one for Brooklyn Industries, but we still have our Pandamonium shirt.

Photograph of Lafayette Street by Scott Heiferman