2005_07_sathi.jpgTricky forecast for today. Oh, have no fear, we'll get plenty warm. The tricky part is whether or not we will have a thunderstorm this afternoon. It all depends on what happens with the humidity. Most of the humidity, the high dew points, are very close to the ground. The air above is fairly dry. As we heat up today the moist surface air and the dry air above should mix, reducing the chance of a thunderstorm. If they don't mix the chance of an impressive thunderstorm as a cold front approaches goes way up. The more humid it is when you get out of work this afternoon the more likely it is that we may see a severe thunderstorm.

The weekend is looking great. Sunny, dry, temperatures in the mid-80s. Get out and enjoy before the heat returns next week. All that hot weather out west is starting to move eastward.