200506_satnynj.jpgDid anyone notice that it is cooler today? A cold front snuck down from New England early this morning ending our two-week warm spell. Or has it? The front has stalled over New Jersey. The fog-clear sky line in the satellite image is a rough indication of the cold-warm air boundary. You only have to drive a few miles west to get hot weather. Should the front drift eastward just a bit the western parts of the city will get a lot warmer. Look for unsettled weather the next couple of days before it clears up and really cools down on Sunday.

The high of 91 degrees yesterday in Central Park was our second 90+ day in a week. Last summer, Gothamist recalls, we only saw 90 degrees twice. While the last eleven days brought us our hottest weather of the year so far, it wasn't our longest warm spell, nor our most above normal. The first two weeks of both January and February had longer stretches of above normal temperatures and were both warmer relative to normal conditions. Of course, some would say being 16 degrees above normal on New Year's Day is a bit more enjoyable than 13 degrees above normal on Flag Day.