2006_05_schumergas.jpgBrooklyn's own Senator Charles Schumer is supporting the effort to eliminate foreign ethanol tariffs to alleviate rising gas prices. While gas prices would only be lowered by 8 cents if it went through, he said, "But with prices as high as they are, every nickel helps." That's true, but if you can't even find a gas station, then you're using up gas to find one. The Washington Post problem of 830,000 cars and only 54 gas stations in Manhattan, as gas stations are going bye-bye as the land is snapped up by developers. The city's planning office is looking at ways to make sure gas stations can remain, such as special zoning for gas stations and repair shops. Hmm, might a gas station be deemed a landmark at a point?

Last week, amNew York looked at how gas prices will affect the NYC residents - even those who don't drive - with rent, food, and airfare. And Rudy Giuliani is facing some gas problems: He made a deal with a Houston law firm for $10 million, where they get to put his name on their firm, but as is the case with many Houston law firms (we'd think), they have some ties to Big Oil.