2006_03_doorknobcover.jpgAn impish 4 year old managed to sneak out of his apartment at 2Am last night because he wanted to find his mommy. Issnando Cocco was found on West 158th Street and Broadway by livery cab drivers who stopped him from heading to the subway. They took him back to their dispatching office and one driver said, "At first I thought it was a dwarf because no kid is supposed to be out at that time by himself." His mother, Isadora Cocco, realized he was missing when she returned home from a 4PM-7AM shift at Montefiore Hospital; her father, who watches him during the night, had fallen asleep after his long day as a doorman. Cocco reported him missing immediately, only for the police to happily tell her Issnando was all right. The Administration for Children's Services won't be pressing charges, as it seems that Issnando was simply clear enough to undo the deadbolt on the apartment's door and he just really wanted to see his mom (plus he was smart enough to dress warmly, the Daily News says he was wearing " two shirts, a sweater, a pair of pants over his pajama bottoms, socks, sneakers and his coat"). Isadora Cocco told the Post, "There has to be a better support system. I work long hours at the hospital, but they only provide day care during business hours. There's no outlet for the people who work overnight." Here, here - the federal, state and local governments don't do much by way of thinking about child care for working families.

And Issnando's grandfather already requested a new lock for the door. Might we suggested these doorknob guards as well?