2005_11_bloombonbloomb.jpgJust five days until election, and it's like there's one of those grey, rainy clouds over Fernando Ferrer's head. Not that he or anyone from his campaign or his supporters will admit it, but even the trying-to-be-upbeat words are veiled with gloom. For instance, City Councilman Lewis Fidler tells the Times, "I'd be a moron to tell you I was confident. I'm a Met fan and I've been a Met fan since 1962, so I am not adverse to being the underdog, and I always believe in miracles because I've lived through them." Ouch. And Ferrer was struck with uncanny timing and attentiveness from city agencies when he tried to campaign at a subway station and park in Harlem to show how dirty they were, only to have cleanup crews try to stuff the crap into the closet and under the couch before TV crews came. Then the Campaign Finance Board has been warning his campaign that the NY State Democratic party's emails on his behalf may be illegal.

So, to even the stream of Ferrer's news, let's turn our attention to the much-talked-about Mark Green 2001 playbook against Mayor Bloomberg, who was at the time just Michael Bloomberg. It's a 351 page document detailing possible ways to attack Bloomberg, and The Politicker has it for your downloading pleasure. And then there's Banterist's Superficial Voter's Guide.