Brazilian air force officials say that debris found in the Atlantic Ocean does not belong to Air France Flight 447, which disappeared after departing Rio de Janeiro for Paris on Sunday night. Brigadier Ramon Borges Cardoso said, "It has been verified that the material did not belong to the plane. It is a pallet of wood that is utilized for transport. It is used in planes, but on this flight to Paris, there was no wooden pallet." Additionally, the oil slick seen in the water was not from the flight either—it was larger than the amount of oil from the flight. A French official said, "The clock is ticking on finding debris before they spread out and before they sink or disappear." The cause of the plane's disappearance hasn't been determined, but Airbus warned about "malfunctioning speed indicators" yesterday. And a Spanish pilot said he saw an "intense flash of white light, which followed a descending and vertical trajectory and which broke up in six seconds."