What are you supposed to do with your heaping pile of disused iPhone chargers? Putting them in the trash feels wrong (and it is), but letting them rot in desuetude in the corner is just a waste of valuable apartment space.

The law currently allows New Yorkers to fling these items on the curb, but all that will end on January 1. Yes Virginia, recycling your old microwave will be a pain in the ass, but remember that the Earth is burning and this is the least you can do. Also, you'll be fined $100 if you're caught.

You can bring your crummy electronics to Goodwill, Salvation Army, Best Buy, Staples (which will not take TVs) or the Gowanus E-Waste Warehouse, and apartment buildings with more than 10 units can enroll for a free pick-up service. The city also regularly holds e-recycling events if you're somehow lucky enough to live nowhere near a Best Buy.

The Department of Sanitation website also helpfully adds that you can also SELL your used items.

If you'd prefer that same information delivered via video, that option is available: