There's no way of getting around it, today's weather is just awful. As we mentioned yesterday, the National Weather Service has issued an Excessive Heat Warning for the city and surrounding suburbs through this evening. This morning's low of 83 was only one degree cooler than the normal high for today. We can expect a high this afternoon in the upper 90s, and with oppressive humidity it will feel closer to 105-110 degrees. Despite what local contrarians might say this heat is nothing to mess with. Take it easy, stay out of the sun, check on your neighbors, especially if you suspect they don't have air conditioning. The city Office of Emergency Management has a full list of how to beat the heat.

The heat and humidity will be with us once again tomorrow, but we will see signs during the day that the heat wave is about to end. Saturday's high will only be 95 or so, but an increase in humidity, and you probably didn't think that was possible, will keep the heat index above 100 degrees. Clouds will start to build in the early afternoon ahead of an approaching cold front. By late afternoon, and continuing into the evening, there will be a good chance of showers and thunderstorms. With all the heat and humidity some of the storms will produce heavy rain, gusty winds and lots of lightning.

The cold front is expected to pass after midnight tomorrow night. It will take a while to get rid of all this humidity, especially if it rains on Saturday, but Sunday should be cooler and drier with a high only in the mid 80s. An easterly wind to start the week will make for a cloudy, comfortable Monday with a high in the lower 80s.