Thank goodness for the Gothamist tipsters. Until we read Contribute we weren't sure if last night's really loud clap of thunder that woke us up was real or part of a nightmare. There's no mention of thunder in the Weather Service's hourly report and we were getting worried that the thunder of our dreams could be so loud. Was anyone else woken up by the thunder? The storms cells form the line of blue-green blobs above.

If you look at the hourly report you'll notice that something happened between six and seven this morning. The pressure jumped, the winds shifted, the rain stopped, and the dew point dropped. All signs of a cold front passage. With the front out of the way we've got a mostly sunny and warm day ahead. The mercury should hover around 60 degrees until late-afternoon.

More sun is in store for the weekend. The mostly clear skies will give us cool mornings and warm afternoons. Look for a high in the upper 50s tomorrow and mid 50s on Sunday. Rain returns on Monday as part of a coastal storm.