The headline isn't exactly accurate: Last year was the 2nd wettest and this year will be about the 20th driest but, wow, look at that contrast between the two years! As of today both years have 240 days without measurable precipitation. This year has had many more days with less than a quarter-inch of precipitation, while 2011 led in heavy rainfall days. There were 24 days in 2011 with at least an inch of precipitation; this year there have been only eight. All told we've gotten about half the rainfall this year as in 2011 and, unless an unforeseen deluge occurs, 2012 will wind up being nearly 15 inches below normal.

We've got plenty of rain in store for this week as a series of storm systems trek across the country. None of those days are expected to be one-inchers. Today will be drizzly with perhaps a stray shower and a high near 50. Rain starts up again as a low approaches from the west. That storm will pass to the north of the city, meaning we could see highs well into the 50s on Tuesday.

A cold front tomorrow night will bring a cooler, dry and windy Wednesday. By cooler we mean upper 40s, which is still above average. Thursday's high is expected to bounce back to the lower 50s. Don't quote us just yet but this year is very likely going to be the warmest ever recorded in New York. Another storm and more rain on Friday, followed by an actual cool weekend with highs only around 40 degrees. Sadly, there's almost no chance for a white Christmas this year.