WUNIDS_map.gifWe had a lovely morning, and, if Gothamist may anthropomorphize, the sun is still struggling mightily to peek through the building clouds. However, as an upper-level disturbance approaches from the west it looks like the clouds will win today's battle. The disturbance carries with it a blob of cold air. When the blob of cold air sits on top of the warm air at the surface the atmosphere becomes unstable. The cold air is going to sink and the warm air is going to rise. Rising air means rain, possibly thunderstorms, possibly an outside chance of small hail. That's the Weather Service's prediction for this afternoon. The Weather Channel mostly agrees.

Tonight is going to be chilly. If you're in western New Jersey protect your tender vegetation! The rest of the week should be much like the sunny part of today.

Every once in a while Gothamist likes to cruise for weather information on the Internets. This morning we found two items vis WxNation.com that made us cringe. First a report from a brilliant Baylor University researcher who has found that people limit their outside activities during temperature extremes, and that, by not being active, they tend to gain weight.

The second, is a story that makes Gothamist want to spew bile upon the uncritical reporter. According to an Indianapolis TV station "physics professor" in Indiana claims that the "whole world was once tropical, lacking seasons and having an ideal climate". The professor goes on to explain an asinine theory about a vapor canopy that collapsed and caused the biblical flood, altering our climate forever. The report mentions critics find the theory flies "in the face of mainstream science." Uh, yeah, in order to lack seasons the Earth has to be flat. The ancient Greeks knew the Earth was round and that the roundness caused seasons and temperature variations with latitude. The Greeks had a name for this - klima, from which the word climate is derived.