It Isn't Really Monday Until The Subway Is On Fire

Did you wake up this morning thinking that because it's a holiday Thanksgiving week, everything would go a little more smoothly and quickly? That you would effortlessly glide into the shortened workweek with the faint, comforting hint of stuffing and sweet potatoes in the air? Well you were wrong, because the only thing you might be smelling onboard our fundamentally broken subway system is the scorching scent of fire.

"It happened just south of [the] Prospect Park stop on a B, took 30-40 mins to deal with," said Max Linsky, who took the fire photo up above and was stuck on the train around 9:15 a.m. "Our conductor was amazing, kept everyone super calm and gave lots of updates. People were amazing on the train actually, cracking all kindsa jokes."

B and Q train service was delayed and rerouted along other lines while the fire was happening. As of 10:30 a.m., it has now resumed, although you may not realize that if you are currently still waiting for one of those trains, as nothing is working:

Happy Monday, write your local politicians to tell them we need a working subway, XOXO.

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