Shoppers stock up as it snows

Yup, it's snowing. The Times, Post, and Daily News have regional reports about the snow, and Mayor is telling everyone to have fun in the snow, but be careful...and don't tie up 911 win non-emergencies; call 311 instead. But our favorite out–tri–state area quote comes from a Massachusetts man who tells the AP it's been hard walking his Chihuahua, El Jefe: "He won't go in the snow because he'd be snout deep." That's what you get for having a rat dog.


Video blogger Tim Hall has a hysterical video about what it's like to experience snow in New York, "Snowsteria." Gothamist has to admit to having snowsteria, after sliding through the slush and nearly getting hit by snowballs twice. So we're making some hot chocolate to calm ourselves down. Stay warm and be careful of ice.

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