ct_0124.jpegThe Northeast sure looks cold in this true color image taken Monday by NASA's MODIS sensor (see the whole chilly image on the Earth Observatory). It looks cold because it is cold and it is going to be colder for the remainder of the week. Windy too! That old blowhard Mr. Wind Chill is going to be in town through Friday. Wind chill only pertains to exposed flesh, so you should be fine if you cover up all your body parts.

The snow we were supposed to get today looks to have crapped out on us. We might get a few flurries, especially this evening, but they shouldn't amount to much. Eastern Massachussets, where more snow is not needed, is getting another 4-8 inches today.

Don't forget, Groundhog Day is only a week away. Gothamist is busy learning our Groundhog Day songs in order to serenade Staten Island Chuck. We hope you are making similar plans.