The Post is outraged over what it costs for school playgrounds to be open and closed: "The city plans to spend up to $14.5 million a year to have school custodians simply lock and unlock schoolyard gates."

The city is making more school playgrounds available to the public, as part of PlaNYC. It breaks down to $50,000 per school "to cover annual expenses of opening the gates at 8 a.m. and closing them at dusk seven days a week." Some critics feel it's a waste—NYC Park Advocates' Gregory Croft says, "The custodians are already there during the school week, and they have to clean the schoolyard regardless. So they're really just getting paid to open and close the gates."

Instead, Croft, who notes other school parks are opened and closed by Parks Department staff, suggests a smaller amount of money could be used to hire staff to open the parks— then the rest could go directly to the Parks Department. However, City Councilwoman Gale Brewer said the custodians "do a lot more than just open and close the gates. After a weekend, there is a lot of cleanup to do. They should be fairly compensated for that extra work."