A teenager with dual citizenship in Israel and the U.S. was arrested in Israel on Thursday for making "scores" of threats against Jewish community centers in the U.S. and around the world.

Haaretz reports, "The cyberattack unit of Israel's fraud squad arrested the suspect, 19, on Thursday in wake of information it received from the FBI and other law enforcement authorities abroad. The police seized computers and other items that allegedly allowed him to perpetrate the threats in a manner that made it difficult for the police to locate him." His motive remains unclear, but according to Haaretz, the unnamed teen is suspected of "extortion through threats and of false reporting sowing panic."

Investigators say the suspect was using anonymizer software to make his location difficult to pinpoint. The FBI said in a statement, "Investigating hate crimes is a top priority for the F.B.I., and we will continue to work to make sure all races and religions feel safe in their communities and in their places of worship."

Earlier this month, a former journalist, Juan Thompson, was arrested in St Louis for making threats against at least eight JCCs in the name of an ex-girlfriend he was allegedly cyberstalking. The FBI said at the time they did not believe he was involved with all of the 100+ threats against the JCCs.

The teen "lives in Ashkelon on Israel’s coast [and] has lived in the country for many years. The army refused to draft him after finding him unfit for service. The suspect’s father was also detained for questioning," according to the NY Post.

Haaretz also shared audio of one of the threats, as well as a transcript: "It’s a C-4 bomb with a lot of shrapnel, surrounded by a bag (inaudible). In a short time, a large number of Jews are going to be slaughtered. Their heads are going to [sic] blown off from the shrapnel. There’s a lot of shrapnel. There’s going to be a bloodbath that’s going to take place in a short time. I think I told you enough. I must go."