wellington bootEven though the forecast for mostly sunny skies was a bit optimistic the weather today is dull and Gothamist is bored out of his skull. So, we decided to look elsewhere for exciting weather.

It is chilly at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole weather station. An almost unimaginable seventy-five degrees below zero Fahrenheit chilly to be precise. Ouch!

A tornado struck the Jellystone campground near Warrens, Wisconsin last night. Two campers were hospitalized. Last night's stormy weather also caused Teen Night at the Joannes Family Aquatic Center in Green Bay.

In addition to Wimbledon being rained out, strong winds and torrential rains battered southern England. According to This is Cornwall "In the King of Prussia pub on Fore Street in Kingsbridge, locals were just setting up for a euchre tournament when water came pouring through the door." The water was high enough to flood the local's Wellington boots. It is also feared that this year's Glastonbury Festival site may turn into a giant sea of mud.

The Poultry Site reports that hot and humid weather conditions in Pakistan has killed a number of chickens, leading to a surge in broiler chicken prices.

Governor Mitt Romney has declared this week "Massachussetts Hurricane Preparedness Week".

Nineteen western Nebraska counties were designated disaster areas due to an ongoing five-year drought. Nebraska officials are requesting several more counties be designated and the governor of Kansas is requesting counties in his state be designated drought disaster areas.

So, did I find anything more exciting?