Former Knicks President, coach, and NBA legend Isiah Thomas reportedly overdosed on sleeping pills early this morning at his home in Harrison, NY. The condition of the 47-year-old Thomas is not yet known, but the AP is reporting that Knicks officials say he is fine. Thomas, who is still a Knicks employee, was relieved of his President/coach title in April also caused the Knicks embarrassment with his involvement in a sexual harassment lawsuit. Thomas was first hired by the Knicks in December, 2003 and became the coach after Larry Brown was fired in 2006. Update: The Daily News says that victim at the scene ingested 10 Lunesta pills and that he was "unconscious, but breathing on his own." The News also talked to Thomas' son Joshua, who said the reports of his father's overdose were inaccurate -- the police responded for his sister who is hypoglycemic and Isiah became faint during the incident.