What was Isiah Thomas like when he was a 21-year-old recent graduate of Indiana University? It's hard for anyone that didn't know him in 1982 to know, but a new video that's surfaced on The Big Lead might give us some clues. According to the website, the young Thomas returned to Bloomington to accept an award at a celebrity golf tournament and Bobby Knight, his former coach, supposedly told Thomas to "make jokes at his expense." Make jokes he did. A charismatic Thomas tells the crowd that the first thing he learned from Coach Knight was the word 'fuck'. Thomas as a coach hasn't been close to Coach Knight's success - whether it be as a head coach or as a controversial figure. But given some time, perhaps Coach Thomas can at stir the waters himself.

We imagine practices with the Knicks aren't much different than the video - lots of cursing and uses of sunt. Because one thing's for sure, the Knicks don't usually play with heart.