2008_04_isiah2.jpgIsiah Thomas may still be a part of the Knicks organization, but he's been barred from contacting any of the players. The Daily News says the no-contact policy was "part of his reassignment agreement with Knicks president Donnie Walsh."

Why the fuss? A Knicks sources says "the fear is that if he were allowed to have any contact, including telephone calls, he could either willingly or unwillingly undermine the incoming coach." Question: How could Isiah undermine the Knicks any more?

Walsh is busy working on his list of potential coaches. Though Mark Jackson is a leading candidate, assistant coach Herb Williams got the first interview yesterday. And former Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy is officially no long a candidate--Walsh said today, "(Jeff's) not going to be a candidate for the coaching job for his own personal reasons. I have nothing but respect for Jeff."

The NY Times speculated on who could be on the Knicks' wishlist--pretty much any coach who loses a playoff series might be on it!