2008_10_isiah3.jpgDespite the police chief involved with the case calling it a "coverup," Isiah Thomas and his family are still sticking to the story that he did not accidentally overdose on sleeping pills Friday, but that an ambulance was only called to treat his daughter's fainting after a dizzy spell. Harrison Police Chief David Hall again made the situation clear to reporters saying, "It wasn't his daughter - and why they're throwing her under the bus is beyond my ability to understand." While the former Knicks coach had nothing to say yesterday, his 20-year-old son Joshua was backing up his father's story and calling the police chief's comments "disrespectful." Meanwhile the Post says that Isiah has had a harsh fall since his demotion by the Knicks, describing him as "steeped in sadness and loneliness...dreaming that one day all those who chanted "Fire Isiah!" would be forced to eat their words."