It isn't just frozen trash and dog poo that the receding snowline of Garbagegeddon has revealed, there are Christmas trees hidden in there, too! We knew that in the aftermath of Blizzageddon the city canceled its Christmas tree recycling program, but the trees were still supposed to be picked up. And yet we've been hearing reports of, and seeing with our own eyes, Christmas trees still littering the streets around town. And these aren't trees from folks who just couldn't bear to part with their pines until Groundhog's Day (it happens), these are trees that have been back outside for over a month.

One reader sent us the above photos of her poor Christmas tree sitting out on the Upper West Side. Curious if there was something that could be done to get these trees dealt with faster, we contacted the Department of Sanitation. Long story short, the DoS is "addressing" the above trees as we speak (nothing like a media inquiry to get the ball rolling) but if you want your tree taken away faster the Department says your best bet is to call 311. We have a hunch calling early and often wouldn't hurt.