Just last year around this time word was circulating amongst the rapidly gentrifying streets of Williamsburg that gang warfare and machete attacks were on the rise. While the police presence in the area was heightened, the violence continued throughout the summer—and now that spring is in the air once again, it seems the gangs are done hibernating for the winter. A reader sent us in a tip, saying things are heating up between the Pretty Boy Goonies and the Trinitarios on the Southside. The local reported back saying that the community was on edge after this past Sunday night around 7 p.m. "there was a pipe fight on Bedford around South 4th Street that sent a kid to the hospital." And on Monday night at 6 p.m. "at the pizza place on South Fourth and Bedford, a bunch of guys went into a restaurant and caned a kid while he was on the phone to his mother." Just three hours after that, on South 3rd and Bedford, "a guy was beaten with bottles and a window was broken out of the building behind him." This is what happens when weapons are sold with $1.25 slices!