Hillary Clinton's ties to walking cockblock Anthony Weiner might cost her the election/us America, but it turns out the FBI's also been looking into Donald Trump's connections with Russia. It appears they haven't technically found anything yet—not that a total lack of information should stop anyone from sinking a presidential campaign—but it's possible that one of the Trump Organization's servers was communicating with a Russian bank. Or maybe it was all just spam. Cyber!

The Times reports that the FBI has been investigating possible links between Russia and Trump, after finding some unsettling connections between some of Trump's aides and Moscow. Former campaign manager Paul Manafort, for instance, has famously made big bucks off of business dealings with Russian and Ukrainian leaders, though he's denied having any connection to Vladimir Putin and the Russian government.

Then, there's this—a Slate writer claimed yesterday that a server tied to the Trump Organization had been having covert communications with the Kremlin-connected Alfa Bank. This, on its face, is troubling, especially since there's been a lot of talk about Trump's potential connections to Russia—in fact, over the weekend Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid harshly criticized FBI Director James Comey for failing to reveal the "explosive information about close ties and coordination between Donald Trump, his top advisors, and the Russian government" he allegedly possessed.

The FBI says they don't have a concrete link between Trump and Russia, though they are on alert regarding possible Russian hacks on Election Day—even the Wikileaks hacks, which the Obama administration has blamed on Russia, might be less about supporting Trump's candidacy and more about an overall "threat to democracy," as one senior official put it. But since Trump himself is a walking threat to democracy, this seems like semantics.

The FBI also says the Alfa Bank/Trump Organization server situation could be due to online marketing or spam communications, and are not of national concern. Still, even if Reid's assertion that the FBI is withholding information about Trump and Russia is incorrect, it does seem questionable that Comey would vaguely comment on the investigation into Clinton's aide's emails—an investigation that may yield nothing newsworthy in the end—and not on the investigation into Trump's potential Russian bromance. If this election is rigged for Clinton, those International Bankers/colluding Jews are not doing a very good job.