It seems like wherever I live in NYC, the local post office in that neighborhood has always been "the worst." When I called Park Slope home in the early aughts, it was clear there was no deeper pit of time-wasting despair than the Park Slope post office on 9th Street. Later, living in Williamsburg, it was obvious that the post office on South 4th Street by Havemeyer was the killer of kittens and dreams. But apparently I've been living in a fantasy world of postal privilege and convenience, because this Flatbush post office on Church Avenue is reportedly a condemned, sulfuric hellscape.

The worst fate awaits those unfortunate souls who have been summoned by a slip of paper to come pick up a package. The lines to pick up packages are said to be particularly long on Saturdays, which makes sense because that's when most people tend to spend their leisure time hanging out at the post office.

"Saturday at that post office is a vision of hell," says Gothamist reporter and Flatbush resident Nathan Tempey. "There are (approximately) a billion six-story and higher buildings in the area, and a lot of (presumably) lazy mailmen and women who don't bother trying to deliver packages. So they (mine for sure) just put missed delivery slips in everyone's box, and then the whole neighborhood lines up in this tiny, poorly ventilated building in the five-hour window to pick up packages on Saturday."

It's the place to be! Here's one Yelper's description of the horror:

This post office has proven (time after time) to be the worst for package pick-up. Day after day there are lines wrapped around the entirety of the room, and there's usually only one person working at the package pick-up window. I don't understand why a system that is broken like this can't fix one thing - just allocate more workers for this service! I always spend at least 45 minutes to an hour (if not longer) in the line, and previous to my experience here, there are never any 2nd attempts to deliver packages at my residence. It just goes directly to the post office to die a slow death until you're willing to stand in line for over an hour to get it.

CBS 2 recently surveyed the scene, which the local news channel inexplicably claims to be in Bushwick.

"They don’t even bother buzzing,” one local resident said, echoing Tempey's experience. "I mean, I even have it on my Amazon address — it says ‘buzz,’ and then 35, and they don’t do it." Another local attests, "I’ve been home, and then I just get a slip on the mail on the door."

We asked the US Postal Service if they're aware of this location's reputation for slow service and half-hearted package delivery. "Be assured we take seriously the concerns of our customers when they express that lines here are an issue," spokesperson Darleen Reid said in a statement. "We also take seriously their absolute expectation for the safe, secure delivery of their mail. In the case of Flatbush, we are addressing both situations." The statement continues:

"We continue to work with community stakeholders to discuss permanent solutions to local security issues such as broken locks and vandalism. If we are unable to deliver mail securely we must return it to the Post Office for safe keeping. Unfortunately, lines occur due to the inability of our carriers to deliver, despite their best intentions to do so.

"We are taking full advantage of the remedies at our disposal, including working with the Postal Inspection Service. This office currently offers a “Package Only” pick up line, which helps with mail pick-up flow to help reduce wait time in line. We appreciate the patience of the community as, together, we work to resolve this issue on many levels."

Yes, thank you for your patience, Flatbush. As an alternative to the post office pick-up window, you may also consider standing by your mailbox on days you're expecting a package, in order to beg your postal service worker to give you your parcels instead of the dreaded slip of doom. Or just come on down to the Flatbush post office and make some precious memories with a bunch of friends you haven't met yet!