If you've recovered from the horror of the haunted Pizza Hut bathroom, take a deep breath and step inside this Bushwick deli bathroom, which may be the most frightening place to relieve yourself in the entire neighborhood, for very obvious reasons. The tipster who sent in this photo tells us of her traumatizing restroom nightmare:

When you gotta go, you gotta go. Even if you step into the bathroom and see a chunk of the wall missing. I poked my head through the hole and saw a gutted-out retail space. After making sure people walking by outside didn't have a clear view of the toilet, I shrugged my shoulders and lowered the seat (with my shoes).

According to the tipster, who asked that we identify her simply as E.J., you'll find this Toilet of Terror at the Day 'n' Night Deli, where calls have thus far gone unanswered. Is it because all of the employees have been devoured by the dark deli bathroom wormhole? Or is this all just viral marketing for Fantastik? We've got an intern en route right now to find out...

Do you know of a creepier bathroom in NYC? We can't believe we're doing this, but feel free to send us a photo.