2012_04_bklynnetslogo.jpgWith their exit from New Jersey just a day old, a photograph has been circulating of what could be the new Brooklyn Nets' logo. It seems that someone Tweeted the image and noted that he was working at the Barclays Center. Well, it does fit into the shield silhouette shown on the Nets website yesterday and that blue tape does look like carpenter's tape!

Some people are speculating that it's a plant and Nets CEO Brett Yormark would only say, "will not comment on what has been circulated on the internet. Our entire brand identity will be introduced by us on monday. #hello brooklyn" Still, the Tweet with the leaked image has been deleted.

The Wall Street Journal's Jason Gay feels the Nets should just pick a new name, "'The Nets"'is a punt. It's a dull holdover, a surrender flag, with bad mojo. There have been plenty of suggested alternatives: the Bridges, the Brownstones, the Knights, the Lions, the Dodgers (!), the Pigeons, the Rats. None of them feel exactly right. The Rats would sell a ton of T-shirts, but you can't call them the Rats. Come on." Gay's suggestion:

Just "Brooklyn." Not the Nets or the Squirrels or the Curbstones. Brooklyn. A confident mononym, like Cher or Pele or Beyonce.


It is brilliant in its simplicity. It is everything in one word.

Leave the nicknames to everyone else. "Brooklyn" alone works on a basketball jersey, on a T-shirt, in an NBA conversation. The Knicks are playing Brooklyn tonight. Lakers versus Brooklyn. Did you see Brooklyn beat the Celtics?

FWIW, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz reTweeted this, "I would love to have Isles in Bklyn. This way, Bklyn Isles can beat Manhattan Rangers at Barclays Center. #hellobrooklyn"