[WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTO BELOW SCROLL WITH CAUTION] Your day couldn't possibly get much worse: that Starbucks barista gave you warm coffee instead of iced (and then you had to carry the free warm coffee AND the iced coffee, UGH) and your headphone cords were all twisted together and then Pandora wouldn't load the Miley Cyrus channel and the deli RAN OUT OF PINEAPPLE CHOBANI. But we are fairly certain that the gentleman in this photo has it worse than you. Much, much worse.

SECOND WARNING: The photo below contains a graphic depiction of human feces and is sublimely disgusting. If you're squeamish about humanity in its most primitive and vulnerable state, you should probably not look at this photo and continue staring at photos that slowly ebb away your soul, rather than provoke the kind of intense visceral reaction that some people consider to be a bracing exercise in sentience.

[FINAL WARNING POINT OF NO RETURN WHAT'S SEEN CAN'T BE UNSEEN] The circumstances around this gentleman aren't known, but it's better that he remains a folk hero, his identity and purpose obscured by time and shaped by lute-playing balladeers. If it's #2 puns you're after, Reddit's your place.