A subway conductor caught on video slumped over in a moving train is in the hot seat after a straphanger sent the video to NBC New York. The video (below) shows the worker with his head down at the controls—perhaps sleeping, or perhaps dreaming of the sunny island where he'll retire on his pension as long as he doesn't get fired for some sort of flagrant misconduct. (Ha, who are we kidding, nothing could come between this man and his pension.) After NBC New York's report, the MTA is promising to "take appropriate action." Nice work, NBC—maybe he'll get shitcanned like this old man!

View more videos at: http://nbcnewyork.com.

The video was taken around midnight last Friday on the 1 train. An MTA spokesman tells us, "The video clearly shows that the conductor of this Number 1 Local did not appear to be alert, but it's unclear from this angle whether he was actually sleeping. We are investigating this incident and will take appropriate action." Step one: covering up the windows!