The Daily News looks at some evidence that suggests Stuyvesant High School's current senior class is slipping. Okay, two pieces of evidence: (1) Not as many early college acceptances as they would like (Harvard has only accepted 4 students so far!) and (2) Stuy students were shut out of the Intel Science Talent Search finalists (and a half piece of evidence is that many sophomores seemed to be underperforming). What's interesting is that Stuy's Class of 2005 entered their freshman year with the World Trade Center attacks on September 11 - a fact made clear to college admissions officers in a letter sent from the school (though it wasn't mean to be "an apology"). Principal Stanley Teitel feels that students are still performing at high levels, even though there have been notable cases of drug use and gambling at the school, which, admittedly, are kind of timeless. Gothamist expects some Stuy alumni to step up and shake their college network to try to keep their reputations in tact, because if there's one thing Gothamist knows, it's that those Stuy alums are fierce. And something else that's disturbing at Stuy: Urination in the stairwells. Kids, that is so 80s - get over yourselves.