Stuyvesant High SchoolThe city's best public high school, Stuyvesant, is in the middle of a strange situation: Flying in the face of the city's recommendation that schools try to accept as many student as possible, Stuyvesant's incoming classes are shrinking. The Times article lists lots of contradictory statements, but, finally, education officials "confirmed" that Stuy Principal Stanley Teitel was in fact reducing the size of classes by 100 students (though 30 more will come at the end of summer through other programs), saying that Stuy was built for 2,600, not the current 3,000. Stuyvesant is generally the top choice of students after they take their high school entrance exams, and the news of smaller classes sizes has outraged many parents whose kids tried to apply to Stuy but didn't get in, as well as the parents of 14,000 students who are still without high schools, and school officials, since other schools have much worse off than Stuyvesant. The Board of Education is going to relook at Stuyvesant's capacity.

An F.A.Q. about Stuyvesant, which strangely doesn't include the fact that it was the basis for the show, Head of the Class. And Gothamist on Stuyvesant High School.