The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that a new, drug-resistant strain of the H1N1 virus has been discovered in a patient in Denmark. Apparently the patient is not responding to Tamiflu, but Tamiflu manufacturer Roche's Pandemic Taskforce leader David Reddy said today, "Such a development had to be expected and is no surprise from a scientific point of view," noting that the patient was taking the drug as a preventative measure. Dow Jones reports that Reddy suggested "was probably already infected with the virus, and resistance to the drug emerged because he was given the lower preventative dose." While drug-induced resistance is rare, it happened 0.4% in adults during clinical trials. Danish health officials have also asserted that the strain has been isolated and has not spread to other patients. This comes alongside news that Swedish musician Jens Lekman also contracted the virus while on tour in South America, which he discovered while on an airplane home—which did not endear him to his fellow passengers. The city's Health Department is expected to make another swine flu update tomorrow.