The Last Q Train

While the Mayor thinks a proposed photography ban on subways and buses is silly, it seems that police have been told to act as though the ban has been passed, as the Times reports on the day after the news. A Swedish couple visiting the city had mixed reactions, the boyfriend saying that if it's for security reasons, the ban seemed reasonable while the girlfriend was dismissive, "Typical America. We're from Sweden, where everything is allowed." Gothamist would like to point out that the couple was watching that guy in Times Square salsa dance with his mannequin, Lupita; considering that something as scary as that is allowed, it's safe to say that NYC isn't in a martial law state. But wait until August 30.

Also, one of the other rules the MTA wants to pass is prohibiting people to put their bags on other seats. Gothamist is in support of this. There's no reason, why in crowded trains, that bags need to be on seats, when others, including the elderly, kids, and pregnant women, are standing. Gothamist on news of the photo ban.