Will pedicabs become extinct before carriage horses? At the end of last month there were reportedly only 25 of 1,000 pedicabs who became licensed under the city's new regulations. The NYCPOA declared this was untrue, and we've contacted them today to confirm the latest Post report, which says that number is up to only 321. Peter Meitzler from the organization told us that "the current number of plates issued so far to inspected pedicabs is 349 as of 9 this morning."

The Post notes that there are only four days left for the remaining operators to get licensed, and that "after Friday, the Department of Consumer Affairs will close its doors to anyone hoping to register a pedicab — and strict NYPD enforcement will begin." (They've already been seizing rickshaws in Central Park.) However, Meitzler tells us that "final inspections can take place until December 20th, but the application/paperwork deadline is this Friday."

Some pedicab operators who have become legit told the paper the new regulations will make the industry safer. One noting, "Many of these bicycles are very dangerous. This process will make some less dangerous. Some of these guys don't know anything. They just want to make money and aren't safe."