2006_05_ppwark.jpgWho to believe? WCBS 2 reported last night that police are downplaying attacks in Prospect Park, after yesterday's Post story that "wolf packs" of teenagers were responsible for muggings in recent weeks. WCBS 2 did mention that parkgoers are aware of the attacks, but gets a statement from Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne: “Robberies in Prospect Park year to date remain flat,. Eight this year compared to eight in the same period last year." Hmm, weren't there nine robberies listed?

Today, the Post notes "30 cops from the 78th Precinct have been assigned to patrol the park." And Prospect Park Alliance President Tupper Thomas, issued this statement yesterday:

As President of the Prospect Park Alliance I have always worked very closely with the police and continue to do so. This Memorial Day weekend the Police had a very visible presence in the Park when more than 400,000 people were here enjoying the holiday. The Police are enormously supportive of the community’s desire to use Prospect Park without worry, whether for jogging, marveling at the scenery or relaxing on the lawns. I continue to feel safe to bike and walk through Prospect Park every day. To alleviate any concerns there are about safety in Prospect Park, I continue to work closely with the Police and the community. This is an amazing Park and people have no reason not to come out and celebrate all it has to offer.

Here are tips on park safety from the NYPD; they include "Do not take shortcuts or dirt paths through wooded areas. Stay on well-lighted, populated pathways." and "Remain alert and aware at all times. Don't wear headphones."