A federal judge has suggested to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder that a mobster not face the death penalty because it's, well, pricey. Judge Nicholas Garaufis noted how Bonnano crime family figure Vincent Basciano (aka Vinny Gorgeous) had already cost taxpayers $3 million for various fees, "The possibility of a death sentence ensures that these costs will grow substantially."

Garaufis continued, "The remaining charges pending against Basciano are extremely serious, as are the crimes of which he has been convicted. But Basciano is already sentenced to life imprisonment. He is designated to serve his sentence under extremely restrictive conditions in one of the nation’s most secure penal institutions." Keep in mind, "extremely restrictive" still means that he gets to see his wife and girlfriend (aka his goomah, you Sopranos fans). Basciano's lawyer was happy with the judge's letter, "We agree with the conclusion that the death penalty should not be applied in this case."

Basciano was convicted for a 2008 murder; right now, he's awaiting trial for a 2004 killing. In 2007, he was upset about his wardrobe and Garaufis lent him some clothes.