2008_07_fatcats2.jpgToday will be quite the media tour for newly-minted celebrity Princess Chunk. So what if she's a 44-pound cat, found wandering in Voorhees, NJ without a collar? The cat will be on The Today Show and visit Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa, so be ready for some crazy daytime antics (will Ann Curry try to walk Princess Chunk? will Regis ask the full-figured feline to be his co-host when Kelly's on vacation?). And on Friday, Princess Chunk will be on Good Morning, America--plus let Sam Champion do the segment!

What's good is that it will draw attention to the Camden County Animal Shelter, which says, "Princess Chunk as well as over 300 dogs and cats in our care need your support. Please consider donating to help offset the costs of her veterinary care and bloodwork." Donations will also go to other special needs animals, like the Princess. The Courier-Post reports the shelter believes Princess Chunk is healthy, but the cat will have bloodwork done on Monday; a vet says Princess Chunk "may suffer from a genetic predisposition to obesity, a poor diet or other underlying medical factors." The average cat is closer to 10-12 pounds (different breeds' weights vary, though).

If no one steps forward as her owners, Princess Chunk will be up for adoption on Saturday. And, for some animal advocacy closer to home, check out the efforts of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals.