Uhm, really? According to Police Chief Michael Collins "officers took prudent steps to handle what may have been a dangerous situation" on Thursday when eight officers jumped and arrested a balloon artist as he pulled his bike up to his normal place of business outside of the Central Park Zoo. His crime? Leaving an $850 rainbow striped electric air pump behind in a Starbucks. The cops said it looked like a bomb.

It sounds pretty crazy, but it really happened to Alexander Alhovsky, who has been selling balloon animals to children outside of the Central Park Zoo for nearly fifteen years.

"There was a gun in my face and another on the back of my neck," he said. "They were screaming, 'Get off your f- - -ing bike, you f- - -' . . . They were dragging me around." Alhovsky told the Post. Eventually the misunderstanding was cleared up and Alhovsky was sent on his way. But still, we hope the NYPD sends him an apology.

Meatwad by brainware3000 via Contribute.