Alligator arms (Hands? Paws?) are being deposited around Williamsburg, to the confusion and disgust of everyone forced to walk by the rotting body parts as they wave whimsically from gutters and lounge on discarded couches.

(Courtesy Darren Weaver)

But where are the limbs coming from? The Daily News shrewdly pointed out last week that "there are no pet stores or exotic food spots nearby the N. 10th St. stretch." True enough, but you know where there are exotic food spots aplenty? Chinatown. And thanks to the wonders of mass transportation, hipster hooligans can easily buy a pack of alligator hand-paws for just $5.99 a pound (a bargain!) and sprinkle them wherever they damn well please, like fleshy fairy dust.

Given the locations of the limbs (peeking out from under a rock, reaching from inside a grate, etc.) we're inclined to think this is part of an elaborate joke, and not the work of some vigilante alligator hunter keeping an alligator invasion at bay.