Governor Paterson continues to swing wildly at any and all challengers who might want a shot at his governorship, whether they are actually coming for him or not. And apparently now he's also paranoid that Richard Ravitch might want his job. After chatter that he'll resign, Paterson is reportedly worried that such speculation is going to the head of Richard Ravitch, the man whom he handpicked and fought for in court to be lieutenant governor. An "insider" told the Post's Fred Dicker, "I think Paterson thinks that Ravitch can't wait for him to go so he can take over and become governor."

Today's Post has the rundown of Albany whisperings of sources claiming that Ravitch is an "egomaniac" who is acting like a "bull in a china shop." The story is that Ravitch is attempting to use his new role to lead the way in slashing the budget, no matter who's in his way. Paterson apparently doesn't want to hear it, fearing his poll numbers could somehow drop into negativeland, and has been avoiding the lieutenant governor he raves about in public. Another recent profile on Ravitch's attempted budget cuts suggests that Paterson likes having someone "larger than life" like Ravitch around as a fall guy for any unpopular moves.

Meanwhile Paterson today went on CNBC (clip after the jump) and got a little feisty, speaking out against all the more popular challengers the media seems to be canonizing—of course not naming any names. "When all these phantom people that say they're running for governor get into this race, they are going to have answer the same questions that I've been answering for 18 months...If you had any courage and wanted to be a leader in a crisis, get up and say now what you would do in a crisis." If any rivalry with his lieutenant gov does exist, the two are at least echoing the same sentiment there. Ravitch recently said, "The press should start asking the people who want to replace (those in office) what they should do under similar circumstances."