Kirk Bunn

(or Dunn), an NYPD recruit, is recovering from surgery that removed a bullet from his abdomen while investigators attempt to find his shooter. Bunn claims that while driving through Flatlands on Saturday night, another driver cut him off. Bunn pulled his car alongside the offending car and began arguing with the driver, which eventually led to the two getting out of their cars to curse at each other. The antagonist then allegedly pulled out a gun and shot Bunn once in the stomach. However, what little evidence they have is making police question Bunn's story.

Aside from Bunn's being unable to identify the good Samaritan who carted him to the hospital, cops also say there were no 911 calls or reports of shootings in the area. But the most questionable evidence comes from Bunn's clothing. Bunn's shirt and underwear each had a bullet hole, yet his pants did not. One cop explains, "This is the way your clothing would be if you were carrying a gun in your waistband and it went off." Who wants to get started on the tabloid headlines?

Bunn, who began NYPD academy training in July, had not yet reached the point where he was issued a firearm, and cops are investigating whether or not he owned a gun. Ballistics testing is currently being done on the bullet retrieved from Bunn's stomach, and his family has made no comment.