alleyvsvalley.jpgA report being released tomorrow by the Industrial Assistance Corporation (IAC) titled "Buried Treasure: New York's Hidden Tech Sector" asserts that New York City rivals cities like Seattle and areas like Silicon Valley as the largest technology center in the country. The study counted the number of tech workers in the city, at branches of corporations like IBM, Microsoft, Google, and the research and development departments of medical centers in the city. The IAC report actually considered all of the "New York Metropolitan Statistical Area," which includes southern New York State and northern New Jersey. The Associated Press story says that IAC found 620,000 tech workers in that area, more than twice the number found in Silicon Valley.

The report recommended that an Office of Science and Technology Enterprises be added to the Mayor's office to help attract capital and personnel to the area. Not everyone shares the view that NYC is a mecca for high-tech industry. Popular Science ranked New York #39 in a list of high-tech cities in 2005. And the head of a San Jose, CA regional planning group attributed Silicon Valley's success to the density of tech workers as a part of the overall population.