2005_09_hurricanezones.jpgWith Katrina and Rita devastating parts of the country, New York City is either justifiably worried about what will happen if a hurricane strikes here or suffers from hurricane envy (we doubt the latter). It's a political issue, as Fernando Ferrer claims the city is currently be unprepared, and the Mayor
responds that, in fact, we are prepared. Those opinions are unsurprising as Ferrer will do anything to point out holes in the Bloomberg's administration (Of Course!) and the Mayor wants to seem competent (Of Course!). But it was scary this past Saturday when the NY Times looked at the city's evacuation plans and got officials, in spite of all their "planning," to admit that residents don't really know what they would need to do if there was an emergency. But you can find out what you need to do by checking out the city's hurricane page or calling 311.

The NY Times had a graphic of NYC's hurricane risk areas, plus the buildings that would be shelters. If only the Jets had included "Hurricane Shelter" as part of their West Side Stadium plan!