The most watched non-major label viral video of 2010 was the "Bed Intruder Song," Antoine Dodson’s quaint auto-tuned ode to a break-in gone awry. Now, it seems that Great Neck, Long Island may be facing its own serial bed intruder; police are investigating four home invasions in the past week which they believe were all done by the same man. Wasn't it enough that LI has a possible serial killer on their hands?

Police say that the intruder has yet to steal anything in the incidents, but has developed a pattern of creeping into the bedroom during his visits, targeting children and grown women while they sleep. But police say he is becoming "more and more daring with each home invasion," according to ABC. Police believe the first attack occurred Sunday night, when the suspect broke into a 15-year-old girl bedroom, and allegedly held a wet cloth across her face.

Then on Wednesday, there were three break-ins that occurred within a two hour time-span: at the first, a 5-year-old girl called for her parents when she awoke to a man standing in her bedroom, who then fled. Twenty minutes later at a nearby home, a 63-year-old woman heard banging and breaking glass—she saw a man on the other side of her back door before he ran off. Then an hour later, the intruder put a knife to a woman's throat in another nearby home. She managed to escape his grasp, and chased him as he fled on foot, but he escaped again.

Police describe the suspect as a Hispanic man, 25 to 30 years old, and about 5-foot-10. He is about 200 pounds with black hair, and his black shoes had silver loops on the sides. How long before someone comes forward with their own first person account of the intruder? And how long until that account gets remixed?