Ramon Barroso, a 45-year-old ex-con with four burglary convictions, got lucky when he was arraigned in Judge Carol Feinman's courtroom recently. Barroso was busted for breaking into a church in the Bronx after detectives traced his DNA to a sample from a safe. The Post reports that Barroso told cops he is an "expert safe cracker" and, as such, he would have worn gloves had he committed the crime. And Feinman agreed, declining to set bail at the $50,000 prosecutors requested.

"I am going to release the defendant," Feinman said, according to the Post. "I think his past history would indicate that if he were to commit a burglary, he would be smart enough to wear gloves." That's the problem with the justice system today—unlike Feinman, judges don't give criminals enough credit!

The Post is all over Feinman today, with a second article (an editorial) that excoriates her for overly-lenient judging. Dubbing her Carol "Set 'Em Free" Feinman, the Post asserts that she has no experience as a criminal law judge, reporting that Feinman, a West Village resident who was for many years the chair of Community Board 2, was elected as a $125,000-a-year civil court judge. But she was bumped to criminal court immediately after she started because a heavy backlog of cases, and a source tells the Post, "She's unhappy on the criminal side. Most of the judges who get transferred step up to the plate."

The Post source says Feinman is hoping "she'll force a transfer from the rough-and-tumble Criminal Court to the cushier civil division." Reached for comment outside her residence, Feinman told a photographer, "Get the f - - k away from me or I'm calling the police."