Kenneth Starr, the accountant to the stars who admitted to running a Ponzi scheme with their money, is in the Metropolitan Correctional Center, emailing away to pass the time. Prosecutors revealed his missives to a "mystery woman" to show that Starr should not be granted bail, because he's a flight risk. Why? Well, his brothers would be putting up most of the bail, but this is what Starr wrote about them, "Once I am sentenced I want no contact with them or anyone in their families... [They] wouldn't help when we needed help - they will need me one day and I will not lift a finger - they are mean spirited awful human beings."

Prosecutors say, "The defendant expressed contempt for the brothers who were set to post the lion's share of the security for the defendant's bond." The email correspondence also shows the mystery woman telling Starr what his ex-stripper, poledancing wife is up to, at least as far as it's gleaned from Twitter:

The unidentified woman last month told Starr that buxom brunette Diane Passage was "flirting" with another man and posting Twitter updates about her planned birthday party.

"tweeter is all about the festivities:" the woman wrote.

"planning her bday cupcake extravaganza in pin up lingeree (sic) -- lol and flirting with that Tanico guy -- again....

"No mention of her loving husband :(

"Does she even talk to you?"

Her Nov. 12 email concluded: "I'm sorry -- you're still wasting your time caring -- she's all about HERSELF."

When the mystery woman jokingly offers to find Starr a new lady, "ok, will start a search for a pretty, dumb and mute one -- lol," Starr replied, "dumb pretty and sexually active-- mute is optional. and afterwards i can call you and vic for intellectual stimulation... have to stimulate the entire being (lol)" But Starr did email Passage, ""I have this enormous love for you that grows-- I miss you beyond what any human should feel-- and I don't know what to do."

As for Passage, she Tweeted yesterday, "You made it into one of the nyc tabloids @mjtanico lol! obviously the source does not know me well although i know who they are."